Dayspa Gata             

30 Minutes of any Therapy                                                                                                 $75.00

Prenatal Massage 45min. 

Scalp Treatment                                                                                                                   $50.00

Body Treatments


Swedish Bodywork           1.5 Hr $130.00            1 Hr. $80.00
A classic European technique designed to relax, release tension,
increase blood circulation and rejuvinate the entire body.

Reflexology                                                            1 Hr $80.00
An ancient healing technique involving the massage of feet and hands. Pressure is applied to specific points corresponding to different body parts and organs. It breaks down any blocks in the nervous system and improves the flow of energy in the body. It also relieves tension, and can simulate the body's natural healing process.

Aromatherapy                                                       1 Hr $90.00
Aromatic oils combined with relaxing body massage to calm, detoxify and reduce stress.
Deep Tissue Massage                                         1 Hr $120.00
Deep massage techniques to loosen up tight muscles and restore flexability.
Russian Sport  Massage                                     1 Hr $90.00
A vigorous massage desined to prepare the body for a sporting event, or to flush out toxins after a workout.
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